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Stumped: BBC World Service interview on Penguins Stopped Play…

Waking up at 5:15 am on a Thursday morning to get a taxi is not a typical morning for Paul Daniels (better known by most as “Magic” or “PAD”), a long-playing and valued member of the Captain Scott Invitation XI. In fact he’s more accustomed to getting a taxi at 5:15 am, at the end of a Scottie’s tour night out, and instead heading to bed!

The Reason; a new weekly radio programme on the BBC World Service called Stumped. A show that’s a mix of cricket chat and fun with BBC’s Alison Mitchell along with Jim Maxwell from ABC and Prakash Wakankar from All India Radio.

Paul was invited on the show as they wanted to discuss cricket in strange places and were really keen to draw down on some of the great stories of Eleven Village Cricketers Taking on the World and learn if penguins really stopped play. Paul spent about 30 minutes being asked questions about:

Harry [Thompson], the man and the skipper.

The book [Penguins Stopped Play: Eleven Village Cricketers Take on the World].

The Antarctica trip, did penguins really stop play?

The match in Oslo on 17 Jan 2012 to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of Scott making the Pole.

The Italian tour.

The South Africa tour/ Rygersdal.

The Buenos Aires game, his [Paul] awful dropped catch and New Year’s Eve (including attending the police station to seek a full search for the stolen Father Christmas outfit).

And, who will win the Cricket World Cup?

Highlights include describing Harry as a cross between Mike Brearley and a British Museum curator and at the very end challenging the winners of the Cricket World Cup 2015 to a boat race (drinking game) against the Captain Scott Invitation XI.

Listen to Paul discussing all of the the above and enjoy!

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